Endale Edith
Saving lives, restoring hope & defeating poverty
About EEF
Endale Edith Foundation is a worldwide non-political, non-denominational, non-profit and charity organization focused on assisting couples struggling with fertility challenges, vulnerable children exposed to abuse and the less privileged in society. It is dedicated to furthering the social cause for this group of people whose voices have been silenced.The main goal of EEFs is to improve the life of the people by providing different services free of charge. Such services would generally include humanitarian aid, legal support, human rights activism and informative events.
Our Vision
Relentlessly wiping tears, putting a smile on faces, making people happy and bringing hope to the world.
Our Mission
  • To improve livesthrough humanitarian aid andadvocating for social justice.
  • To provide information, counselling, advice and support on matters affecting children, infertile couples/women and the destitute.
  • To help individuals manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance, and advocacy.
Core Values
  • Compassion
  • Service
To be able to achieve its vision and mission, EEF operates through three separate and distinct sub-foundations.
  • Tiny Seeds Foundation
  • International Foundation for Vulnerable Children
  • The Hope Foundation
Partners / Sponsors