The Hope Foundation
There Is Hope!
About THF
Millions of individuals and families are struggling with feeding their families on a consistent basis. THF envisions a society where no child lives in poverty, no man or woman is found lacking with basic amenities such as shelter, food and clothing and/or the opportunities they need to reach their full potential. Also, having a safe and secure home is the foundation upon which strong individuals, healthy families and resilient communities are built. In simple words, the Hope Foundation is an organization for the orphans, the homeless and the less privileged.
The world is in need of hope and we desire to take that hope internationally. So it is an organization for those who have lost hope as a result of the hardship they encounter, to help them understand that there is hope especially in Jesus Christ. Therefore, the activities of the Hope foundation are driven by the vision to provide assistance to those in need in Canada, Cameroon and the rest of the world for a better tomorrow.
Our Food Bank provides safe, nutritious and culturally-appropriate food to low-income families.Shopping is typically done on the day prior to delivery/distribution in an effort to ensure quality of some of the products.
The Hope Foundation also grants Scholarships and bursaries to students from families living in poverty to enable them to pursue their education. An evaluation team will be involved with the eligibility criteria as they will work in partnership with a number of organizations, such as schools and community organizations.
So many people live in abject poverty and for most of them, the Christmas parcel is the only Christmas gift they receive. This is an annual project that has in view to offer a small gift to families as a token of the love of God, and a means of celebrating with them God's great gift, Jesus Christ. All gift packs would have a Bible included.
Collaborate with the government or social service agencies to place abused children in foster homes or with families that will and/or can provide safe, healthy, supportive and stable homes for children.
The Founder
Endale Edith has always been naturally drawn to helping those in need around her; way back in her childhood days. In her secondary schools days, she always partitioned items from her mother’s kitchen to give her neighbors who were hungry or in need and helped them in whatever way she could and even went as far as using her pocket allowance. During her university days and much later in her life, she usually spared her time visiting orphanages. More so, she didn’t have an easy life either, things had gone from grass to rock bottom to a point where she was living from hand to mouth. So she thus knows the rhythm of hunger, pain, lack and homelessness. With a heart that is always willing to help alongside her experiences in life, she is committed to making a difference in the lives of anyone in destitute she comes into contact with.
Partners / Sponsors